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100+ things I do that could help you grow your wedding filmmaking business

  • 100 tips & tricks to support the growth of your wedding videography career
  • A complete list of things I wish I knew when I first launched
  • My best practices for Instagram, Branding, SEO, Camera Settings & more
  • Suitable for British wedding film makers
  • Instant digital download in PDF format
  • Also available as a LUT bundle
  • Available in English
  • Free Updates

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100 Little Things

I've compiled a list of 100 things that I base my wedding filmmaking business on - from Instagram, to branding, to attracting your ideal clients - one hundred little ideas to inspire your growth.

100 Things eBook Download

- 100+ Individual Mini-Tips
- PDF instant download, text based
- English Language Only
- Suitable for British Wedding Videographers (photographers may also benefit)
- Free future updates via email where available

The Wedding Industry

is a crowded place these days.

My best practices for...

Instagram tips & tricks

Making Instagram work for you

...for free! I spend a grand total of £0 on Instagram ads, but 85% of my wedding bookings are via this platform. I'll tell you which proactive steps you can take to keep active and engaging on Instagram and reach your ideal clients.

Website SEO Tips

Search Engine Optimisation

Baffled by SEO? You're not alone. I include a few helpful things you can do that may help to improve your website ranking, as well as improvements to your website from a client's perspective.

Camera Settings for Weddings

Camera Tips & Settings

Creating an individual style to your videography is key to standing out. I list some of the things I do as second nature, as well as the habits I thought were right when I first started, but actually aren't.

Increase your enquiries

& book your ideal clients

Whether you're already doing 90 out of 100 of these tips or just 10, my aim is to help push you out of your comfort zone to help you attract your dream couples and secure wedding bookings years in advance.

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Excerpts from '100 Things'

Instagram Story anything and everything that’s relevant to your work and couples. Be consistent, positive and present, don’t be afraid to let your personality show. Remember, stories only last for 24 hours, and less than 10% of your audience will see them. Remain professional, and if you’re in doubt about what’s right to post, think ‘if I were watching someone else’s story of this, what would I think?’
My couples have said they appreciate an insight into my personal life as it’s relatable and personable.

Instagram Tips
Tip No. 2

Vimeo is a great platform for hosting public or private videos in great quality; clients don’t always know what it is and are unlikely to find you there. YouTube is the biggest and most accessible online video platform, so make sure every video you shoot is uploaded correctly there. I get a lot of enquiries and website traffic from it. Brand your channel with a profile picture, cover image, playlists to sort your videos and customise your channel with organised content that will appeal to new subscribers.

YouTube Tips
Tip No. 52