Original Cinematic Wedding LUT Collection
Cinematic Wedding LUTs for Final Cut, Premiere Pro & Resolve
Luxus - Fine Art Wedding LUT
Blanco B&W Wedding LUT
Blanco Black & White Wedding LUT
Empire Wedding LUT
Empire Warming Wedding LUT
Exhale Wedding LUT
Exhale Gold & Blue Wedding LUT
Ferris Wheel Wedding LUT
Ferris Wheel Pink Wedding LUT
After Rain Wedding LUT
After Rain Green Wedding LUT
Green to Gold Overlay LUT
Mother Earth Free Download Wedding LUT

Cinematic Wedding LUTs for Final Cut, Premiere Pro & Resolve

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  • Introducing V2.0 of my cinematic wedding LUTs for all camera brands
  • Based on my own colour grades from my wedding film looks
  • Instant download with presets in .cube and .xmp formats
  • Transform your wedding footage instantly with these video presets
  • Works with all professional desktop video editing software
  • NEW for 2024 - LUXUS & BLANCO, plus XMP Lightroom Profiles
  • Also check out: Final Cut Wedding Overlay Effects

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Reimagined for 2024

The Original Collection

Lightroom Wedding Presets

3D LUT for Video & XMP Profile

For video and Photo

The Original Cinematic LUT Collection V2.0 contains 7x Individual LUTs

Luxus LUT


Fine Art Style: A crisp, vibrant colour palette with clean whites and lively greens. Complements leafy luxury wedding venues and elegant details.
New for 2024.

Black and White Wedding LUT


Black & White: Classic, timeless monotone with a hint of warmth. Creates a dramatic and sentimental feeling.
New for 2024.

Mother Earth FREE Wedding LUT


Rich & Earthy: This original Russell Kent Nicholls LUT is available to download for free to start your luxury wedding LUT collection.
V2.0 Now Available: Fixes highlight artefacts .

Empire LUT for Gold Tones


Tan & Gold. Empire LUT is designed for muted warmth. Perfect for golden hours and lazy sunsets, this gorgeous LUT with bronze undertones adds coziness and comfort to every shot.
V2.0 now available.

Exhale Wedding LUT


Green & Blue. This earthy, warm and gold LUT is perfect for outdoor autumnal weddings. Reduces reds/pink tones for golden skins and adds a yellowish green to foliage and grasses.
V2.0 now available.

Ferris Wheel Preview


Pink Blush. Ferris Wheel has a blush pink undertone, whilst keeping skin tones rich and warm without being overly saturated. Perfect for couple portraits.
V2.0 now available.

After Rain LUT


Green & Gold. This mossy, gold LUT adds a contrasty, cinematic green undertone to your shots. It boosts saturation and contrast whilst warming skin tones and adding saturation.
V2.0 now available.

OverLay LUTs

'Green To Gold' Overlay LUT

Green to Gold Conversion LUT

With a diverse range of 7 LUTs at your disposal, you have the creative freedom to experiment with different moods, tones, and styles. Elevate the emotional impact of your footage, from warm and romantic to vibrant and cinematic, effortlessly.
Includes .cube format 3D LUT and .xmp Lightroom Classic Profile.

Colour Grading on Mac Studio

Create a consistent, luxury look to your wedding films

with Russell Kent Nicholls LUTs

Time-Saving Solution

Crafting unique looks from scratch can be time-consuming. LUTs provide a quick starting point, significantly reducing the time spent on color grading. This allows you to focus more on storytelling and perfecting your final product.

Professional Finish

LUTs designed specifically for wedding footage ensure a professional, polished finish. Enhance the beauty of the venue, the emotions of the couple, and the ambiance of the day with precision and finesse.

Consistent Branding

For wedding filmmakers with established brands, using LUTs can help maintain a consistent visual identity across all your projects. Create a signature style that becomes synonymous with your exceptional storytelling.

For Final Cut, Davinci & Premiere Pro

Compatible with your footage

For All Cameras & Video Software

Also compatible with Log Footage

Works with your camera's picture profile

Before & After Applying LUTs
Original Cinematic Wedding LUT Collection

Streamline Your Colour Grading

My best selling LUT pack

Hestia. Exclusive to Gamut.

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Results may vary. General knowledge of video editing and colour correction/video editing software is recommended in order to use my LUTs correctly. LUTs are designed for use in an NLE on a computer and Photoshop. They are compatible with footage from all camera brand. LUTs work differently on every clip. Lighting, location or camera may affect results, as well as real-life colours. You might need to tweak the edit after applying the LUT (changing the saturation, highlights or temperature). All sales are final and purchases are non-refundable nor can they be returned.

These LUTs by Russell Kent Nicholls are not authorised to be distributed without previous consent.