Emily & Oliver's Elegant Wedding at Chateau Robernier, South of France

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Chateau Robernier Wedding Video

The south of France is officially incredible - the light, the food, the chateaux… but nothing beats the people that take you there.

Emily & Oliver’s exquisite chateau wedding, not far from Marseille, last weekend was full of fun, family, energy - and every single person I had the pleasure of chatting to was so unbelievably kind, welcoming & generous.

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of the South of France lies the enchanting Chateau Robernier—a timeless haven that radiates an air of romance and elegance. Recently, I had the privilege of capturing the love story of an incredible couple amidst this stunning backdrop.

The South of France, with its idyllic scenery and Mediterranean climate, provides an exquisite canvas for weddings or elopements. The gentle caress of the sun-kissed landscapes seems tailor-made for celebrations of love. The warm sunlight that bathes the countryside in a soft, golden hue lends an enchanting touch to every moment, making it a videographer's dream!

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Suppliers' Instagram

Videographer: @russellkentnicholls
Photography: @pierragphotography_
Dress designer: @suzanneneville via @pantilesbride
Bridesmaid dresses: @maidstomeasure
Venue: @chateaurobernier
DJ: @djamaxxy
Make up artist: @jm_honeyz
Hair stylist: @shellscampbell


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