Ash & Michelle's Wedding in the incredible Lake Como

Step into the breathtaking beauty of Lake Como, where nature's masterpiece sets the stage for Ashish & Michelle's unforgettable wedding.

Lake Como Boat Couple Portrait Session

As a videographer, I had the honour of documenting their remarkable celebration in this idyllic destination. Join me as I recount my experience as a videographer, capturing the love, charm, and unparalleled beauty of Lake Como.

The Enchanting Atmosphere of Lake Como

Lake Como is a wedding destination like no other, with its ethereal ambiance and mesmerizing vistas. The abundance of vibrant flowers, majestic mountains, and crystal-clear waters creates a picture-perfect setting. Every corner is a work of art, with a perfect blend of natural beauty and romantic charm. The wedding I documented was especially significant because of the strong relationship I developed with the couple during our initial discussions, allowing me to understand their vision and provide them with a truly incredible experience.

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A Love Story Unfolds at Lake Como

Ash and Michelle, avid travelers and admirers of extraordinary locations, chose Lake Como as the backdrop for their dream wedding. They fell in love with the venue at first sight, securing it a year in advance. Opting for an intimate ceremony with around 40 guests, they had the freedom to personalize every detail. Against the panoramic view of the lake and mountains, Ash's friend officiated their heartfelt vows, creating a profoundly emotional moment. The wedding's colour scheme, featuring pale blue and white, perfectly complemented the luxurious surroundings of Lake Como.

The Role of a Videographer Amidst Splendor

Destiny played its part as Ash and Michelle discovered my work through a video I created for a wedding in Italy the year before in Puglia for Georgina & Ryan's wedding. They believed I was the perfect videographer to capture their special day, and I was thrilled to be part of their journey! While navigating the tranquil waters of Lake Como on a speedboat proved to be a slight challenge; it led to capturing some of the most stunning couple portraits. From atmospheric shots showcasing the lake and surrounding architecture to aerial footage highlighting the majestic mountains, every frame aimed to preserve the essence of this magnificent destination. Additionally, a pre-wedding shoot helped the couple become more comfortable in front of the camera, ensuring their genuine emotions shone through and that I captured them *just being them*.

Drone shot of speedboat in Lake Como

The Allure of Lake Como as a Wedding Destination

Lake Como's popularity as a wedding destination stems from its innate beauty, minimizing the need for extensive decorations. The impeccable weather, tantalising cuisine, and a perfect blend of relaxation and luxury create an unrivaled aesthetic. Exploring the region before the wedding allowed me to discover hidden gems like Villa Monastero, where breathtaking gardens and panoramic views of Varenna captivated the senses for their pre-wedding shoot.

Reflections and Advice

Reflecting on this remarkable experience, I learned the value of meticulous planning and client-videographer relationships. Smooth travel arrangements and convenient accommodation positively influenced my performance as a videographer, allowing me to focus entirely on creating the best possible video - I'm so grateful for their support! Despite the unpredictability of weather, luck was on our side with abundant sunshine on the wedding day. My advice to fellow videographers venturing to Lake Como is to hire an automatic car, carry neutral density filters for bright sun, and take precautions to keep equipment cool in the midday sun. Staying hydrated, nourished, and maintaining a positive mindset is crucial to delivering exceptional work. Without a doubt, I cannot WAIT for the opportunity to return to Lake Como and capture the magic of another wedding.

Lake Como's allure as a premier wedding destination is undeniable, and my experience as a videographer at Ash and Michelle's wedding further confirmed its enchanting charm. From the romantic atmosphere to the picturesque landscapes, Lake Como offers an extraordinary backdrop for capturing everlasting moments. As a videographer, it was an honour to be part of this celebration and contribute to the couple's beautiful memories. Lake Como, with its unparalleled beauty, will forever hold a special place in my heart.

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