Wedding Videographer Travel Tips - 7 Things You MUST Have In Your Kit

Me working in Tulum at a wedding

As a wedding videographer, jet-setting to capture those unforgettable moments demands meticulous planning and packing. Ensuring you have the right gear and essentials can elevate your travel experience and streamline your workflow. Here are seven indispensable items I can't live without to add to your travel kit:



1. Extension Lead with USB Slots and Electric Toothbrush Charger

A reliable extension lead is a lifesaver for wedding videographers on the move. With built-in USB slots and an electric toothbrush charger, this multifunctional accessory keeps your devices powered up, whether you're shooting on location or in transit. Plus, adding a travel adapter ensures compatibility worldwide. Check it out here.

2. Airalo E-Sim

Escape the burden of hefty roaming charges (thanks EE!!) with an Airalo E-Sim, revolutionising the way you stay connected abroad. Seamlessly access data without swapping physical SIM cards, all while retaining your familiar phone number. Download the app here and use code RUSSEL1506 for $3 free credit, simplifying your communication needs on the go.

3. Hydration Tablets with Caffeine

Traveling can take a toll on your body, especially with fluctuating time zones and early morning shoots. Combat fatigue and dehydration with these hydration tablets infused with caffeine. I pop two tablets in a glass each morning to kickstart my day and stay energised for those demanding shoots. Grab yours here and feel the difference within minutes (trust me they're a lifesaver, no coffee required).

4. Apple AirTags

Keep track of your valuable belongings with Apple AirTags, a must-have for every globetrotting videographer. Attach them to your luggage, camera bag, passport, and backpack for added security and peace of mind. Receive instant notifications if you accidentally leave something behind and easily locate lost items with precision. Get yours here and travel worry-free.

5. Luggage Covers

Blend in seamlessly at airports and customs with these discreet luggage covers, perfect for concealing your professional gear. Say goodbye to unwanted attention and potential theft with this clever solution, but mainly ensure a smooth passage through security checkpoints while safeguarding your equipment. Explore this snazzy jazzy range here and travel incognito.

6. K&F Concept Camera Backpack

Efficiency meets portability with the K&F Concept Camera Backpack, designed to accommodate your essential gear without compromising on size or weight. This compact backpack fits snugly under the airplane seat, serving as your go-to carry-on personal item. Stay organized and ready for action with this sleek and practical solution. Discover it here.

7. Bluetooth In-Flight Adapter

Upgrade your in-flight entertainment with this Bluetooth adapter and say goodbye to subpar airline headphones and embrace the freedom of wireless connectivity. I connect it to my AirPods (with noise cancellation!). Stream your favorite movies and music effortlessly while en route to your next destination. Don't miss out on this game-changing accessory, available here. Honestly, you'll wonder why you didn't think of this before!

Equip yourself with these essential travel companions and embark on your next wedding videography adventure with confidence!

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