Wedding Videographer Raw Footage - 7 Reasons Why You Won't Need It

After your wedding, you might be tempted to ask your wedding filmmaker for the raw video footage. It’s understandable; you want to relive every moment and every detail of your special day.

Wedding Videographer Raw Footage - 7 Reasons Why You Won't Need It

However, before you send that email requesting the raw files, let’s consider why investing in a professionally edited wedding film is worth it.

1. Unplayable Files on Most Computers

Raw footage often comes in file formats that are not readily playable on most computers. Unless you have professional-grade software, you may struggle to even view the footage, let alone edit it into a coherent film. For example, I shoot my wedding films on DJI & LUMIX cameras in D-Log & V-Log, 10-Bit, which many consumer level computers might struggle to play.

2. Technical Challenges

Raw footage is typically shot in a flat picture profile known as Log, which preserves more dynamic range for editing purposes. While this is great for post-production, it means that the colours and exposure may look different from what you expect. Additionally, different frame rates may play back differently, leading to a disjointed viewing experience, which is my idea of a nightmare.

3. Quality Control

Whilst I always shoot with intent and capture only the moments I intend to keep, raw footage sometimes contains unedited, unfiltered moments, including out-of-focus shots and unwanted angles. Without the careful curation of a professional videographer, your raw footage may lack the polish and coherence that you desire in a wedding film.

BUT! Don't panic - instead of fixating on raw footage, consider the benefits of investing in a professionally edited wedding film:

1. Careful Selection and Editing

A professional videographer (like me!) carefully selects the best moments from your wedding day and edits them into a cohesive narrative, perfectly timed to music. Each shot is thoughtfully chosen to capture the emotion and essence of your celebration.

2. Elimination of Unwanted Content

Professional editing eliminates any unwanted angles, out-of-focus shots, or awkward moments, ensuring that your wedding film is a true reflection of the joy and beauty of your special day.

3. Professional Colour Grading and Rendering

Your wedding film undergoes professional colour grading and rendering, enhancing the visual appeal and ensuring consistency throughout. This attention to detail elevates the quality of your wedding film, making it a cherished keepsake for years to come.

4. Convenient Viewing Experience

Once edited, your wedding film is uploaded into an online gallery, allowing you to easily share and relive the memories with friends and family. This convenient viewing experience ensures that your wedding film remains accessible and enjoyable for years to come.

In conclusion, while the allure of raw footage may be tempting, investing in a professionally edited wedding film offers numerous benefits. From careful selection and editing to professional colour grading and rendering, a professionally edited wedding film captures the essence of your special day in a way that raw footage cannot. So, before you hit send on that email requesting raw files, consider the value of a professionally edited wedding film—it's an investment worth making.

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