How to get a month of Musicbed for FREE

How to get Musicbed for freeThe right song can make or break your wedding films.

You've shot some awesome footage at your last wedding.

It's coloured right. The emotion hits all the right places. You know you're about to deliver a sick edit... but then you can't find the right song to really make it pop.

That's why I use Musicbed - the best source for exactly the right songs to bring my videos to life. Pop? No problem. Upbeat? Got it. Something a little softer for the speeches? That's instrumental singer-songwriter right there.

I've partnered with Musicbed to bring you a special offer if you're looking to take your wedding films to the next level.

How To Get Your First Month Free

1. Click this link and create your account

2. Choose which subscription suits your needs the best

3. Enter this code at the checkout: RUSSELLNICHOLLS22.

That's it! Your first month will be discounted.

Take your films to the next level with music from Musicbed. Sign up for a free account to listen for yourself.

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