Pre-Wedding Email Automation (iOS Shortcut)

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iCloud based Shortcuts script for iOS & macOS, to automate an email template to a Calendar contact within a predetermined number of days, with push notification confirmation.

Includes PDF. Device & iOS knowledge requirements apply. Support is not offered for this product.

This Shortcut is designed for Wedding Industry professionals as a way to contact your clients automatically before their date, set within your device’s calendar.

If you don’t current use a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to manage your client communication - either for cost saving or complexity reasons - automating your communication with your clients can save you time and effort. This Shortcut isn’t designed to replace a CRM, but can be a useful step for people needing a free interim solution. This shortcut is designed to run directly within your iCloud account on either an iPhone, iPad or MacOS device. For best results, it is run on an iPhone that’s always on.

This shortcut, when configured within the requirements and set to an automation schedule of your choosing, will run daily to search your calendar for events which fit the criteria. From there, it will automatically retrieve the email address associated with the event, and send a plain text email (based on your template) with a notification of success. As an example, I set this shortcut to run daily at 9:08am to give the appearance of being sent from me as a ‘first task’ of the day, scanning my calendar for weddings 6 weeks from the current date.

The Shortcut can also be duplicated and tweaked to your liking, so it offers the potential to contact clients multiple times in the run up to their wedding if you wish - just duplicate the shortcut, adjust the time period, and change the email template text.

Device Requirements

- An iOS, iPadOS or macOS device
- Apple Mail app on your device, as this is what the Shortcut will send from - Apple Calendar on your device
- Shortcuts App on your device (installed by default on Apple devices)

What This Shortcut Does

This script runs on your device and can be set to run automatically at a pre-set time daily. It uses Apple Shortcuts, Mail & Calendar apps to pull contact information from calendar events, which have been formatted in a certain way, and send a plain text email template in the background.


Unfortunately, I’m unable to offer support for this product.