Kristen & Russell's Italian Themed Wedding at Wotton House, Surrey

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone so happy to marry their husband than I have Kristen...

Here’s K&R’s teaser trailer… Kristen & Russell got married today in Surrey, United Kingdom - grinning from ear to ear and surrounded by their American & English family and friends.

Wotton House Wedding in Dorking, Surrey

It's not every week I get to shoot a professional model's wedding...

I’m absolutely in love Kristen’s chic styling and attention to detail - this is how you do black bridesmaids dresses! If there was a couple I could spend all day doing couple portraits with, it would be these two - simply gorgeous!

This wedding also marks the first time I’ve shared my name with the groom - very confusing at times, haha. Thank you so much for letting me capture your day.

Check out their cinematic teaser

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