The BEST Value Cine Lenses? DZOFILM Vespid Cine Primes Review

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I was fortunate enough to try out the full set of the DZOFilm Vespid Cine Prime lenses for a recent shoot and give my first impressions, courtesy of

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Switching to Cine Lenses

My usual shooting style is 100% gimbal, so when I first started shooting on cine lenses it was really important to find a kit thats compact and light but also has a consistent size and weight across the range to make rebalancing quicker. The Vespids are pretty close across the board so they’re ideal for this use. Manual focusing handheld can be pretty tricky to master, but the long focus throw on the Vespids compared to my current cine lenses meant that all my focusing was smooth and easy to do with one hand.

Build Quality

Because of their all metal build, the construction feels really sturdy. I’m shooting on the Lumix S Series so opted to try the EF mount, as I already have an adapter with a built in ND filter so there was no need to fit anything externally, but all the thread sizes are the same across the range.

DZOFilm 50mm Vespid

I’m also a sucker for a lens flare and each cine lens I’ve tried handles flares in a different way. The Vespids created a really pleasing, controlled flare with good colour as seen here with my battery powered LED lights.

The 50mm is my absolute favourite, it's just so creamy but with loads of detail. Next up I wanted to try out the 90mm macro, I’ve never used a macro lens so was keen to see what all the fuss is about. The macro ability absolutely blew my mind!

DZOFilm Vespid Prime 90mm Macro

I’d have loved to get closer but it was a little difficult with the tripod I had but you can see here the possibilities that this kind of lens opens up. 35mm is my other favourite length and is ideal for gimbal use.

All cine lenses are completely manual meaning there’s no autofocus but since DJI released the 3D focus system for the RS2 gimbal it’s given me a little help with autofocus and allows me to concentrate on camera movements whilst the lidar system keeps my subject in focus. Really handy combo for cine lenses.

I’ve never used a 75mm before but it’s a really nice mix of 50mm and 85mm and the look of that lens is crazy! It’s the kind of footage I’d look at and be like, I want everything to look that good all the time.

Final Thoughts

I’ve really enjoyed my time playing with these lenses and they’re a big step up in performance from what I’m currently using. Another big draw to this set is the price which is absolutely within reach for me. I probably wouldn’t need all 7 but I can definitely see myself with the 35, 50 and 75 at least. Compared to higher priced cine lenses I think these give great value for money, and I’d really recommend them to anyone looking for a decent price cine prime.

The video:

Thanks to Pierra Goff (Pierra G Photography) for shooting this Behind The Scenes.

See the final video shot on DZOFILM Vespids:


Check out DZOFILM Cine Lenses at CinegearPro:

Russell Kent Nicholls with DZOFilm Lens

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