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"Video drives the most engagement"

Did you know?

Social media analytics tool Quinty did an exhaustive Instagram research. Analyzing over 9 million posts, they uncovered that video receives up to 21% more interactions than images on Instagram—yet photos are still the most popular post type.

Source: Animoto

Brand Videos & Interviews

Client Example: Locate to Create

Energetic Fashion Ads

Client Example: Wedding Converse

Influencer Creative Content

Client Example: The Tummy Diaries for Tesco

How much does it cost?

Every brand has a different budget, and it's not as expensive as you might think. Contact me above so we can discuss your requirements.

Short & Sweet

Music-video style cinematic visuals that pack a punch. 60 second feed-fillers which engage and excite, or longer for platforms such as IGTV or YouTube. Stand out from the scroll with a short and sweet video clip of you being you, your brand, or your product.

High End Look

Using the latest cinematic-looking cameras and techniques, I achieve a high-end look which screams big budget. Edited to high energy, upbeat mainstream sounding music it's what your audience want to see.

More Than Video

Whilst I specialise in purely video, I'm lucky enough to work closely with some of the most talented photographers on fashion & wedding shoots who can add that editorial edge to your 'Gram. Get in touch to find out who I work with.

True influence is about leveraging authenticity.


People do not buy goods & services. They buy relations and magic.