Wedding Videographer Course - Thru The Lens Behind The Scenes Wedding Course

Ever wanted to shadow a wedding videographer at a wedding to really see how they work and operate?

Well, now you can. Coming this year, British wedding videographer Russell Kent Nicholls invites you along to a wedding courtesy of Thru The Lens, to share an exclusive behind the scenes look at how he works, from preparations all the way through to the first dance.

Sharing tips, tricks and knowledge along the way, this online video course shows an unfiltered look at capturing every detail to create a wedding film that his clients will love.

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Wedding Videography Course by RUSSELL KENT NICHOLLS

Go behind the scenes, fully unfiltered, with UK wedding videographer Russell Kent Nicholls in this online wedding videography course.

An insight into how he works at a wedding from groom & bride preparations all the way to the first dance, this unique insight into a wedding filmmaker's day is full of tips & tricks.

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