The Vatican & Villa Miani - Taylor & Gian's Stunning Rome Wedding

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It's not often I have the opportunity to capture weddings in two of the most iconic venues in the world. I'm immensely grateful to Taylor & Gian for giving me the privilege to document their love story.

Taylor & Gian's Cocktail Hour at Villa Miani

Saint Peter's Basilica: A Timeless Sanctuary of Love

The day began with an intimate mass beneath the majestic arches of Saint Peter's Basilica. Located in the heart of Vatican City, Saint Peter's Basilica is one of the most renowned and largest churches in the world, known for its Renaissance architecture and as a pilgrimage site. The grandeur of the basilica, with its towering dome designed by Michelangelo and the breathtaking beauty of its interiors, created an ethereal atmosphere.

Bride walks down the aisle at The Vatican

Every moment felt like a blessing, and every step echoed with the whispers of eternity, making it a perfect setting for Taylor & Gian to exchange their vows. As the ceremony started, crowds gathered to watch and film on their phones, and adrenaline flowed through my body as Taylor began her walk down the aisle - a real pinch me moment! Working alongside Julia Kaptelova Photography, we were blessed with an angelic beam of light in the middle of the Vatican which streamed down on Taylor during her portraits.

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Villa Miani: An Elegant Roman Retreat

Following the sacred ceremony, the celebrations continued at Villa Miani, a stunning neoclassical villa perched on the Monte Mario hill. Overlooking the city of Rome, Villa Miani offers panoramic views that stretch from the Vatican to the Roman Forum, providing a spectacular backdrop for any event.

Villa Miani Wedding Speeches Video

The villa's lush gardens and elegant interiors brought the party to life, blending the charm of Italian history with modern sophistication. It was here that Taylor & Gian's guests enjoyed an unforgettable evening filled with laughter, love, and joy - and INCREDIBLE live music that was better than any chart artist I've ever experienced!

A Heartfelt Tribute

Shortly after saying a prayer at their legal marriage in 2015, a very close friend of Taylor's sadly passed away. To honour his memory, Taylor included an embellishment in Hebrew upon her veil. The recording of his blessing serves as the narration for their wedding trailer, adding a deeply personal and emotional touch to their special day.

Couple kissing in St Peter's Basilica, Rome

Capturing Moments of Eternity

Filming Taylor & Gian's wedding at these remarkable venues was truly a dream. The blend of historical grandeur and personal touches made this celebration uniquely beautiful. It reminded me of the power of love and memory, transcending time and space.

Bridal Portraits in the light at The Vatican

    With Thanks to Taylor & Gian, The Vatican & Villa Miani

    Thank you for allowing me to share Taylor & Gian's incredible journey. If you're planning your own destination wedding in Rome, I'd love to help you capture every magical moment. Reach out to me for more information on wedding videography services in Italy and beyond.

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