Why your wedding video is just as important as your wedding photos

You're certain you've chosen your photographer, but you might have overlooked your wedding video.

A wedding film is so much more than just a video - it captures the emotion, atmosphere and magic in a way that no photos ever could.

When organising your wedding a photographer is always one of the most important choices to get right. You want the best photographer (within budget), and you know you'll be able to look back on your wedding day at the hundreds of beautiful photos, which you can print or frame.

More and more couples are looking to take their memories one step further with a wedding video, or as I like to call them, wedding films. They're a complete film of the best bits of your day, from bridal prep all the way through to the evening party. You'll see the bits you were too preoccupied to take in - your family holding back the tears, the little ones dancing, the way your auntie laughed at the best man's speech, and the way your new husband looked at you as you said 'I do'. After all, your wedding day will fly past in such a blur, and a wedding video is the perfect way to sit and enjoy the occasion unfold as if you were reliving it all over again.

Why wedding videos are better than photos

So many couples regret not having a videographer film their wedding. Don't let that be you!

Gone are the days when your Dad's best mate would stand at the back of the church with a huge video recorder, zooming in and out of people's faces, with a camera so shaky you could hardly make anyone out.

With today's high end camera equipment, your wedding video could look like something out of a Hollywood film, but are more affordable than you think. If you're getting married in Kent, check out wedding video prices.

Don't have bride's remorse!

Don't get bride's remorse!

Wedding films are perfect for sharing online with friends and family, and can even be ordered on a customised, engraved USB stick that's yours to keep forever. They complement your wedding photos perfectly.

For those who love to share their best moments, an Instagram trailer or Instagram Story trailer is a great way of previewing your wedding video to your bridesmaids who are just desperate to do it all over again.

You've spent so long planning your perfect day, so don't regret not booking a wedding videographer.

Get in touch today and secure your wedding video date and experience the magic of your own wedding film.