My First Gender Reveal Shoot - Ross & Georgia


When Georgia announced that they were expecting, I was over the moon for them.

Not strictly a wedding post, but what a special moment to capture! After all, I had spent the day with them shooting their wedding in Whitstable back in 2017, and I was thrilled to hear that they were starting a family.

They wanted to capture the moment they found out if they were expecting a little boy or a little girl - and I was to be the first person to find out, even before them! We decided to use smoke bombs for the reveal, so we bought a blue flare for a boy, and a red (pink) one for a girl. Gender reveal shoots & parties are becoming more and more popular, a gorgeous way to celebrate a new arrival. 

Immediately after their scan, they anxiously knocked on the door with a sealed envelope and handed it to me to open in the other room. I carefully peeked at the back of the scan, where it was written 'GIRL'... and shrieked with delight. I'd thought it was going to be a girl from the day they told me their exciting news.

It's a girl!

We headed off to the nearby woods to shoot some intimate moments before I gingerly handed them the smoke bomb. After setting the camera up, Ross pulled the flare and we waited... and then it clicked. They were having a girl!

Georgia & Ross Gender Reveal Shoot

We also took some time to capture a few beautiful shots for them to serve as a reminder of the day.

Ross & Georgia Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal

Georgia expecting

Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal Shoot