How much does a wedding video cost?

When shopping around for your big day, you'll think to yourself "Why is everything so expensive?!"

Weddings are often more expensive than other events because of the planning, quality of service and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make your most important day memorable.

Not all wedding videos are the same, and quite often you'll get what you pay for. With one chance to capture your beautiful wedding, you'll want to find out how much the average wedding video costs.

The average wedding video

Most wedding videography companies in the UK charge anywhere from £500 - £3000. The average wedding video in America can cost between £800 - £2000 ($1,000 - $2,500).

Different wedding videographers charge different prices depending on the quality of the video, the camera that's used, the editing style & time, whether there'll be one videographer or more, travel, drones, insurances and any extra time or props that will be needed on the day. Quite often, a single videographer can perfectly capture the highlights of your wedding day to give you an amazing memory of your wedding.

Weddings can be expensive. From the venue, the food, the gifts, the cake, the dress... the list goes on. A wedding video might not necessarily be high up on your list of priorities (read here why it should be!), but it's something you should certainly budget for.

Remember - your wedding is a once in a lifetime event!

Getting the best quality wedding video

For a high quality, HD wedding video in Kent, you should expect to pay between £500-£1500 depending on the length, how many hours the videographer will be with you, what extras you like (such as personalised USB sticks, seperate unedited raw footage, Instagram story/Instagram trailers, and drone footage).

Drone wedding video in Kent

^That's a drone shot from a recent wedding at Old Kent Barn in Swingfield, Kent.

If you're getting married in Kent, and looking for a cinematic wedding videographer, take a look at what's included when you book one of our wedding films to capture your special moment.

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